The Only Hope

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The Only Hope

The Only Hope

Written by Alejandro Bullón


“The 35-year-old woman looked back apprehensively, sensing she was being followed. She repeated this ritual three or four times before entering the tunnel to cross the avenue. She bent down, pretending to tie her shoelaces, trying to figure out if someone was indeed following her.”

Trapped. This is exactly how thousands of people feel every day. Life is an adventure that can be dangerous, depending on the direction we take. When we are trapped by the consequences of our choices, feelings of fear, anguish, and loneliness take hold of us and we often do not know what to do.

This book will change your life. In it you will find answers to the most important questions facing humankind. Through intriguing, dramatic, and common stories, Alejandro Bullón shares ordinary people’s encounters with truth and happiness. Immerse yourself in these stories and you will also find the only hope.

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